10 Movie Costumes

This is 10 of my favourite movie costumes. That´s going to be my new thing, 10 movie costumes every Tuesday. I have got a lot of  them saved on my computer, so I can do this for years. It´s mostly dresses, but I like action costumes as well. Of these 10, I have several all time favourites, like Marilyns white superfamous dress, Julia Roberts red gown and both Talisa Soto and Milla Jovovich action-outfits.


Cher in Mermaids (1990). Lasse Hallström was supposed to direct Mermaids, but he and Cher wouldn’t get along. So she got the studio to fire him and instead Richard Benjamin was hired. It turned out to be a great movie but I´m certain I would have loved Hallströms Mermaids as well.


Ginger Rogers in Dreamboat (1952). This is the same dress Marilyn Monroe later made famous in photographs taken by Gene Kornman. Monroe and Rogers were good friends and when Monroe visited the set of Dreamboat she saw the dress and asked Rogers if she could borrow it.


Talisa Soto in Vampirella (1997). This is funny, it´s even haha-funny. And so cool. I love Talisa Soto!


Jennifer Connelly in Labyrinth (1986). I went to the movies to see this one. I had no idea who David Bowie was and I didn´t get why he had to ruin the movie by singing, but I sure loved this dress.

Death Proof

Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Death Proof (2007). I really like this bright yellow cheerleader uniform. In this Tarantino movie Winstead plays an actress who´s character is a cheerleader.

Flickan Ovanpå

Marilyn Monroe in Seven Year Itch (1955). This must be the most famous dress in the history of moving pictures.

Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (1990). I remember the summer I saw this one. I was sixteen and I thought this was the best movie I had ever seen. Ever! Except from Dirty Dancing and Indiana Jones. And Top Gun. I really liked Weird Science and Can´t Buy Me Love as well. I forgot Flashdance and Girls just want to have fun, I loved those dance-flicks. I still do!

Resident Evil

Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil – Extinction (2007). Jovovich and her business partner Carmen Hawk had at the time a fashion brand (Jovovich-Hawk) and together they designed this outfit for the third Resident Evil movie.

Breakfast at Tiffanys

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany´s (1961). There are many famous outfits from this movie but this pink cocktail-dress and pink silk coat, is not one you see often.

Hunger Games

Elizabeth Banks in The Hunger Games (2012). Effie is wearing a yellow dress from Alexander McQueen´s spring/summer 2011 collection. The dress is known as The Butterfly Dress, how cool is that, a dress with a name!


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