Top 18 vampire/zombie movies

Top 18 vampire/zombie films! This list will be updated as often as possible for a long time, I am very strict about my vampire-lists.

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  1. Let The Right One In (2008). The Swedish original, not the Hollywood remake (Let me in). This movie is set in the 1970´s and the main characters are played by two children, both amazing actors. It is cold and absolutely beautiful, a true masterpiece by Daniel Alfredsson.
  2. From Dusk Till Dawn (1996). I went to the cinema with a friend and I didn´t want the movie to end – ever (accidental rhyme). I was stunned, amazed, in love and so happy. Robert Rodriguez directed. George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino play brothers and they must have had so much fun!
  3. Doomsday (2008). Rhona Mitra kicks ass as some kind of special forces-cop, Bob Hoskins (RIP) plays her captain. Good soundtrack! Question; why is she not a superstar?
  4. I Am Legend (2007). American doctors have found a cure for cancer. Everybody that are treated are cured. A few month later they all get side effects, it looks like rabies or …worse. Will Smith plays an army doctor, a scientist that happens to be immune to the virus. A year later, he seem to be the only human left in New York City, his dog Sam is his only companion. This is more a drama than a typically zombie movie, the story is really good. There are rumours going around that there is a sequel in post-production.
  5. Zombieland (2009). Jesse Eisenberg finally get a girl into his apartment. It´s his pretty neighbour Amber Heard and he get to comfort her since she´s been attacked by a homeless man that almost bit her. He strokes her hair and they fall asleep on his sofa. When he wakes up she look…sick. 6 month later he is one of the few that is still alive. On the road he meets Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin. This is mostly a comedy with a lot of action, some drama, it´s a bit sad, sometimes cute and a little bit scary.
  6. 28 Days Later (2002). A young man wakes up in a hospital, eventually he learns that he has been in a bicycle accident. The hospital looks like it have been under attack and seem to be completely abandon and it´s the same thing outside. Finally he discover other people and luckily they see him as well. Everything would be great if they weren´t infected and kind of dead and still they run surprisingly fast. I liked that it felt like a low budget-indiefilm. Sense it was. The movie got a good twist in the end. Cillian Murphy and Naomie Harris are both very good.
  7. Night Watch (2004). A dark, Tarantino-inspired drama from Russia. The story is great and so are the actors. The picture is a little too “shaky” and if you look away for a second, you will probably miss something important.
  8. Bram Stoker´s Dracula (1992). Beautiful photo, the colours and the costumes are amazing. Anthony Hopkins and Winona Ryder are good but Gary Oldman is great. Also with Keanu Reeves and Tom Waits. Francis Ford Coppola directed.
  9. World War Z (2013). Brad Pitt produced and he also plays the lead as Gerry Lane, a doctor working for United Nations. A zombie virus outbreak and suddenly its upon him to save mankind. I like this!
  10. Resident Evil (2002). Milla Jovovich plays Alice, head of security at Umbrella Corporation, seated in a huge underground building. She wake up with memory loss, the building seem to be abandon and sealed down. Jovovich is the perfect action heroine and Michelle Rodriguez plays a tough army soldier. Based on a videogame (look like a videogame) and after this success there were several sequels made, Resident Evil number six opens next year. As always the first movie is the best one.
  11. Dance Of The Vampires (1967). A couple of scientists pretend to be vampires and travels to Transylvania to attend a big vampire-ball. Too bad the walls in the ballroom are covered with mirrors. Mirrors do nothing for vampires. (You understand where I´m going with this, don’t you?) Roman Polanski played one of the leads and directed his future wife Sharon Tate in this horror-comedy.
  12. Priest (2011). Somewhere in the future, the church rules over everything. A priest (Paul Bettany) goes out to find his niece (Lily Collins) that has been kidnapped by vampires. Very comic-bookish, and of course I like it. Christopher Plummer plays the head-priest and Maggie Q a karate-priestess. Lots of action!
  13. Dawn Of The Dead (2004). Sarah Polley, Jake Weber and Ving Rhames find shelter in a shopping mall and fight together as the world comes to an end. Low-budget and surprisingly creepy.
  14. Fright Night (1985). The original with Chris Sarandon and Amanda Bearse. A teenager living with his mom in a calm suburb gets a new neighbour. Soon he is certain the neighbour is a vampire. He contacts an old once famous actor, now the host of a low budget TV-show about vampires. Unfortunately this old vampire hunter is just an actor, trying to make a living and doesn´t even believe in vampires. Still he decides to follow this clearly disturbed teenager to his neighbour, just to calm the kid down and eventually get rid of him. When there he tell the neighbour (Chris Sarandon) about his plan and Sarandon actually drink what is said to be holy water, even if we know it´s just tap water. Finally there can be some peace and quite in the neighbourhood. When they leave the old man realises that neighbour-Sarandon lack of mirror-reflection. And Dracula (yes, its quite unfortunate) knows that old vampire hunter now believes in vampires.
  15. Daybreakers (2009). Almost all people have been infected and are high functional-vampires. The loss of human beings forces them to live of artificial blood. Ethan Hawke is a vampire trying to help the few humans left on Earth and save the human race, his executive is played by Sam Neill. Executives are always bad in vampire movies. And in real life.
  16. Shaun Of The Dead (2004). Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in one of the comedies they´ve made together. It´s not the best one they have made, but still, it´s not bad at all. They play two losers that at first almost miss that the world is coming to an end, they are to busy playing videogames. As usual Bill Nighy got a part in their movie, this time as Simon Peggs stepfather.
  17. Warm Bodies (2013). Nicholas Hoult falls in love with sweet Teresa Palmer after saving her life in a zombie-attack. Problem: he is a zombie and she is not. This movie was a bit slow for me.
  18. 28 Weeks Later (2007). Robert Carlyle returns to London with his daughters after being in an american refugee-camp. All zombies have been exterminated and as long as everybody follow the rules, everything is good. Rose Byrne is a doctor and Jeremy Renner a soldier with a conscience. This is a new story with new actors, though it´s a sequel to no 6 on this list (28 days later). By the way, you get that there is always someone that has to break at least one rule don´t you? It has to be that way, It´s a zombie-flick!

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