Victorian painted houses

I have been looking around trying to find some inspiration. Not outside “in the real world”, no I mean here in front of my computer. Colours and beauty of some kind. And I found it! American Victorian houses, some from the east coast but more from the south, like Savannah, Georgia. Is it not just perfect? A house in colour, a gingerbread house, from Savannah, Georgia.

c3e16b626d8aa02a1e0031b01fd2f2e7 ImageImage 38cf0bc2d594c3341e07f4254d79b693b4917790c394d0cf494489949e600504 bdbf30d22c12037cb4ca4b2e81dbecc7Image 11ed455c3fd53951e46a0b5db4854109Image 844e96bacdea6784ac6f26871058733dImage f4a3e82e6802989994643f73b0cea7baImage 3e855e48c37ab86632e88f3c4652d3c2Image 266d3596fde9a29e77571fc68db688ceImage




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