188 Old Couples

I love gossip, that is if it´s good gossip. Not (too) mean and good pictures. Here are 188 old, funny, iconic and sometimes odd couples.

GEORGE CLOONEY & some KELLY PRESTON (BELOW): Pic 1. George Clooney and Kelly Preston look so happy in every picture. Pic 2. Charlie Sheen “stole” Preston from Clooney sometime around 1989. They got engaged and broke up shortly after Preston got shot with a gun in their home. She was hit in the arm and both still claims it was an accident. Apparently she picked up his jeans from the bathroom floor and the loaded gun was in his pocket and accidently it went of. After the split, Kelly Preston married John Travolta. Pic 3. George went on to marry actress Talia Balsam. The relationship lasted between 1989-1993 and Clooney swore never to marry again. It took almost 20 years for him to meet someone worthy of becoming the new Mrs. Clooney. Pic 4. 1994-97 and then again in 1999 it was Kimberley Russell who got Clooney´s full attention. Pic 5. Between 1996-1999 Clooney lived with French law-student Céline Balitran. Pic 6. After playing Batman in the worst Batman-movie ever, he dated Vendela Kirsebom who played Mrs Freeze. Pic 7. He dated Renée Zellweger some time in the late 1990´s. They remained friends apparently. This picture is from 2008 at the premiere of their movie Leatherheads. Pic 8. Around year 2000, George Clooney dated Charlie´s Angels Lucy Liu. Pic 9. Clooney had an on/off relationship with British journalist Lisa Snowdon for five years in 2000-2005. Pic 10. George met cocktail waitress Sarah Larson in Las Vegas and she then lived with him in LA for a year. Pic 11. George then dated Italian model Elisabetta Canalis 2009-2011. Pic 12. 2011-2013 was wrestler Stacy Keibler his girlfriend. Recently though, he got married to an exotic attorney, Amal Clooney is the lucky womans (new) name.

George Clooney & Preston Charlie Sheen & Kelly PrestonGeorge Clooney & Talia Balsam 89-93 George Clooney & Kimberly RussellGeorge Clooney & Celine-Balitran Clooney & Vendela Kirsebom Renee Zellweger and George Clooney at 'Leatherheads' Film Premie george-clooney-lucy-lui-couple 1 George Clooney & Sarah Larson 82nd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals 85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

SANDRA BULLOCK (BELOW). Pic 1. Sandra Bullock did a really bad romantic comedy with Tate Donovan and as always, they got engaged. 1994. Pic 2. In The Jury, that was actually a good movie, she again fell in love both on & off screen. This time it was Matthew McConaghey. Who later dated his other co-star Ashley Judd (but not at the same time). Pic 3. Ryan Gosling & Sandra Bullock also did a movie together, Murder by Numbers. He was in his twenties so she was aboutfifteen years older than him. For a change! They stayed together for almost two years. Sandra Bullock & Tate Donovan 1994 Sandra Bullock & Matthew McConaghey Sandra Bullock & Ryan Gosling

JENNIFER ANISTON, some TATE DONOVAN & CAMERON DIAZ (BELOW). Pic 1. Jennifer Aniston starred opposite Charlie Schlatter in a short lived TV-serie. They dated for a while in 1990-91. Pic 2. Jennifer Aniston got engaged to Tate Donovan shortly after he and Sandra Bullock broke up, it lasted between 1995-1998. Pic 3. Everybody knows that she married Brad Pitt in 2000, after two years together. They got divorced in 2005 after he did the movie Mr and Mrs Smith with Angelina Jolie. Pic 4. Cameron Diaz had a relationship with Jared Leto early in her career. Pic 2. She did There´s something about Mary with Matt Dillon and stayed with him for a few years. Pic 3. Cameron then lived with Justin Timberlake for a couple of years.

Jennifer Aniston & Charlie Schlatter 1990,91 Jennifer Aniston & Tate Donovan 95-98 bradaniston_wMiramax Golden Globes Party Sponsored by Glamour Magazine and Coors 1 Cameron & Matt 1 Cameron & Justin

NATALIE PORTMAN & SHERYL CROW (BELOW). Pic 1. Glenn Close & Woody Harrelson. That is an odd couple! I bet they had a lot of fun though, everybody knows that opposites attract. Pic 2. Natalie Portman and amish-kid from Witness Lucas Haas look pretty boring together though. Pic 3. Natalie then dated fellow vegan, Moby. Pic 4. Owen Wilson & Sheryl Crow were together for a couple of years. Pic 5. Sheryl Crow went on to cyclist Lance Armstrong. They were together for several years. Pic 6. Ben Stiller & Jeanne Tripplehorn were also a couple at one point.

Image Natalie Portman & Lucas Haas Natalie Portman & MobyOwen Wilson & Sheryl Crow Lance Armstrong & Sheryl Crow Ben Stiller & Jeanne Tripplehorn

LENNY KRAVITZ (BELOW). Pic 1. Lenny Kravitz was once married to Lisa Bonet. Actress Zoe Kravitz is their daughter. Pic 2. Lenny had a brief relationship with Kylie Minogue in 1991. Pic 3. Lenny produced Vanessa Paradis hit-singel Be My Baby and at least one of her records. They dated on and off for a couple of years, though they never confirmed that they were a couple. Pic 4. Lenny was actually engaged to Nicole Kidman in 2003, after her divorce from Tom Cruise.

Lenny Kravitz & Lisa Bonet Lenny Kravitz & Kylie Minogue 1991Lenny & Vanessa Paradis Lenny & Nicole 2003

CHER, VAL KILMER & TOM CRUISE (BELOW). Pic 1. Cher & Gene Simmons had a fling in 1980. Pic 2. Cher had a serious relationship with Val Kilmer in the beginning-mid 80´s. He would soon star in Top Gun with Tom Cruise. In the picture below they are at the Academy Awards. Pic 3. After Kilmer broke up with Cher, he became involved with Joanne Whalley who was his co-star in Willow. They got married and she changed her name to Joanne Whalley-Kilmer, which continued to be her professional name after the divorce, 2 children and 8 years later. BELOW. Pic 4. Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe with their dates Melissa Gilbert and Michelle Meyrink. When Tom first came to Hollywood he dated Melissa Gilbert but then she had a long relationship with Rob Lowe and Tom briefly dated Michelle. Pic 5. Cruise dated Heather Locklear in the early 1980s. They look like the perfect couple, she´s even shorter then him. It didn´t last very long though. Heather Locklear went on to marry Tommy Lee. BELOW. Pic 6. After Locklear, Cruise fell in love with Rebecca DeMornay. She lived with Cruise for two years after doing the movie Risky Business together. Pic 7. To my knowledge, this is when Tom Cruise started dating Cher. He even moved in with her and her children. It didn’t last very long.

Cher & Gene Simmons 1980 Cher & Val Kilmer Val Kilmer & Joanne Whalley Kilmer Tom, Rob, Melissa & Michelle Meyrink Tom Cruise & Heather Locklear Tom Cruise & Rebecca DeMornay 2 Tom Cruise & Cher

BELOW. Pic 8. He went on to marry Mimi Rogers, almost ten years older than him. This was right after his huge success with Top Gun (1986). The marriage lasted almost four years. Pic 9. When the divorce was final he married Nicole Kidman. They adopted two children together and the marriage lasted for 10 years. Pic. 10. When Tom & Nicole got divorced he was working on Vanilla Sky with Penelope Cruz. They got involved and lived together for about two years. Pic 11. At the same time, Val Kilmer dated Daryl Hannah for a year or two. This is in 2003, it was later that year he dated Angelina Jolie. Pic 12. Tom had a daughter with Katie Holmes in 2006 and they married later that year. The marriage ended in 2012.

Tom Cruise & Mimi Rogers Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman 2 Tom Cruise & Penelope Cruz Val-Kilmer-et-Daryl-Hannah-en-2003 Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

WESLEY SNIPES, HALLE BERRY, ALEC BALDWIN & KRISTIN DAVIS. (BELOW). Pic 1. Wesley Snipes & Halle Berry met while filming Jungle Fever. Pic 2. Jennifer Lopez & Wesley Snipes met and fell in love while doing the movie Money Train together. BELOW. Pic 3. Halle Berry forgot about Wesley Snipes and dated New Kids Of The Block´s pop-star Danny Wood for a few years. Pic 4. Anne Hathaway & Topher Grace did Valentine´s Day together. Their love story is a bit older. They were a couple in the early 2000. Pic 5. Katie Holmes & Chris Klein at a movie premiere in 2002. They were engaged for five years or so and broke up just before Katie started dating Tom Cruise. BELOW. Pic 6. Kim Basinger dated Prince in 1990. Pic 7. Then she married Alec Baldwin and had a daughter with him. It lasted about 10 years and then they started hating each other. BELOW. Pic 8. Courtney Cox & Liev Schreiber dated in 1996. The picture is from Scream 2, who opened in 1997. Pic 9. Kristin Davis & Alec Baldwin dated for a while, after he got divorced. Pic 10. Kristin Davis then dated Liev Schreiber, before Naomi Watts got (and kept) him.

Halle Berry & Wesley Snipes ImageHalle Berry & Danny Wood Image Chris Klein, Katie Holmes At The  Abandon Film Premiere Prince & Kim Basinger Alec Baldwin & Kim Basinger Liev Schreiber Scream 2, 1997 1 Kristin Davis 1 Kristin-davis & Liev-schreiber

BROOKE SHIELDS (BELOW). Pic 1. In 1978 Brooke Shields fell in love with Scott Baio. They dated for a couple of years. Scott Baio dated a lot of beautiful women in Hollywood and I don´t even know who the guy is. Pic 2. Matt Dillon & Brooke Shields were such a cute couple! This picture is from 1981. Pic 3. Brooke had a relationship with Ted McGinley (today known from “Married with children”). When she was 16 years old, he took her to her senior prom. You can see him standing behind her in the picture. Pic 4. In 1985 Brooke had a fling with George Michael. Pic 5. Brooke went to Princeton University for three years and while there she dated fellow student Dean Cain. Who later became Superman in Lois & Clarke. Pic 6. In 1987 Brooke dated Nicholas Cage, here they are at the opening of Moonstruck. Pic 7. Brooke Shields dated Liam Neeson for a couple of month in 1992. Pic 8. Brooke started dating tennis player Andre Agassi in 1993 and got married in 1997. They divorced two years later.

Brooke Shields & Scott Baio 1978 Brooke Shields & Matt DillonBrooke Shields 1985Brooke Shields & Dean Cain 1 Brooke & Nicholas Brooke Shields & Liam Neeson KMazur

JULIA ROBERTS (BELOW). Pic 1. Dylan McDermott & Julia Roberts got engaged after filming Steel Magnolias together. Circa 1989. Before that Julia had lived with Liam Neeson for a while (above). Pic 2. In 1990-91 she dated director James Foley that was more then 10 years older then her. Pic 3. She then did Flatliners and were about to marry her co-star Kiefer Sutherland. Pic 4. Instead she run off with his best friend Jason Patric, apparently she had just found out that Sutherland cheated on her – on his bachelor party. Inspite of these little setbacks Julia Roberts seem to have been lucky in love. Pic 4. In 1993 she finally got married, to Lyle Lovett! They didn´t even make a movie together. Pic 5. The marriage lasted for a year and in 1995 Julia hooked up with Ethan Hawke.

Julia Roberts & Dylan McDermott Julia Roberts & James Foley Julia Roberts & Keifer Sutherland 1991 Julia Roberts & Jason Patric Julia Roberts & Lyle Lovett 1993 Julia Roberts & Ethan Hawke 1995

Pic 3. Later Julia starred in two episodes of Friends in the late 90´s. She then had a fling with Matthew Perry. Pic 4. Julia then had a serious looong relationship with Benjamin Bratt. He later married the amazingly beautiful Talisa Soto. Julia Roberts & Matthew Perry Julia Roberts & Benjamin

EMILIO ESTEVEZ, DEMI MOORE, JOHN STAMOS & PAULA ABDUL (BELOW). Everything is so linked! Pic 1. Emilio Estevez & Demi Moore are so cute together! How old are they? This looks like a hundred years ago! Pic 2. Marlee Matlin & John Stamos were in love in 1989. Pic 3. John Stamos then got engaged to Paula Abdul in 1990. This picture is kind of funny. Pic 4. This is two years later, in 1992 and Paula Abdul is married to Emilio Estevez. Yes, everything is linked. Especially in Hollywood! Pic 5. Demi Moore left Emilio Estevez to be with Bruce Willis who she stayed married to for ten years. They have three daughters together. Pic 6. Demi married Ashton Kutcher a few years later. They got divorced after he was caught cheating on her. Pic 7. Before Demi, in 2001, he was together with January Jones.

Demi Moore & Emilio Estevez John Stamos & Marlee Matlin 1989 Paula Abdul &John StamosRon Galella Demi Moore & Bruce Willisdemi moore & ashton kutcher Ashton Kutcher & January Jones 2001

SUPER-BEAUTIFUL CINDY & VAL KILMER (BELOW). Pic 1. Richard Gere & Cindy Crawford were husband & wife for three years in the supermodel-era. They were just the best looking couple ever. Or Cindy Crawford was. How could she look like that, like… perfect!? Pic 2. After Cindy & Gere got divorced, she went on to date Val Kilmer for a while. Pic 3. …and in 2003 he dated Angelina Jolie. Respect.

Cindy & Gere 1 cindycrawford012548888 Angelina Jolie & Val Kilmer 2003

SYLVESTER STALLONE, JANICE DICKINSON & JON LOVITZ (BELOW). Pic 1. Sylvester Stallone & Brigitte Nielsen were married for a short time. The divorce was looong. Pic 2. Stallone later dated Janice Dickinson, less then a year later he left her heartbroken. Pic 3. Daryl Hannah dated comedian/actor Jon Lovitz in 2003. Pic 4. Janice Dickinson then dated Lovitz in 2004.

Stallone & Brigitte Nielsen Stallone & Janice DickinsonJon Lovitz & Daryl Hannah jon_lovitz_2004_05_25

HELENA CHRISTENSEN, JIM CARREY & RENÉE (BELOW). Did you know that supermodel Helena Christensen have a child with Walking Dead´s  Norman Reedus? This is in 2002, they are attending Liza Minnelli´s  wedding. Pic 6. Jim Carrey & Lauren Holly did Dumb & Dumber and got married. For about 4 month. Pic 7. Jim Carrey then dated Renée Zellweger for a couple of years. Picture from 1999. Renée went on to date George Clooney, singer Jack White and hunky actor Bradley Cooper (picture). They were a couple for almost two years.

Liza Minnelli Wedding 1 Lauren HollyJim Carrey &Renee Zellweger Renee Zellweger & Bradley Cooper

BRAD PITT & some ROBIN GIVENS (BELOW). Pic 1. Mike Tyson married actress Robin Givens in the 1980´s. Pic 2. During their divorce two years later, Brad Pitt started dating her. Apparently they were even engaged for a few month. Pic 3. Brad Pitt was engaged for a few month around 1988-89, to Jill Schoelen who was his co-star in the low-budget horror movie Cutting Class. She broke up when they were in Budapest and Pitt was supposedly heartbroken. Pic 4. He briefly dated Christina Applegate in 1989, still this was before anyone knew who he was. He dated a lot of famous women early in his career. Pic 5. For example, he also dated singer Sinitta, this is probably in 1989. By the way, it looks like his wearing the same jacket? Pic 6. Brad Pitt & Juliette Lewis were very popular in the early 90´s. I probably liked Johnny  & Winona more, but these two were definitely the coolest couple. Pic 7. Brad Pitt & Thandie Newton did the movie Interview with a Vampire together. They did other things to. Like bought extremely ugly coats. Very 1990´s. Pic 8. While Brad did the blockbuster Seven he fell for Gwyneth Paltrow and they stayed together for a couple of years.

Mike Tyson & Robin Givens Brad Pitt 1986 Brad Pitt & Jill Schoelen Brad Brad Pitt & Sinitta "A River Runs Through It" Premiere - October 8, 1992 Brad Pitt & Thandie Newton Brad Pitt & Gwyneth Paltrow Brad Pitt & Jennifer

HEATHER GRAHAM (BELOW). Pic 1. I had absolutely no idea that Heather Graham and James Woods had been a couple when I saw this picture. He´s got a reputation of being …kind of …mean. She looks happy though! Pic 2. Heather Graham & Edward Burns at the Academy Awards, the year is 2000. Pic 3. Heather Graham dated 80´s singer Adam Ant at some point, not sure when this is though.

Heather Graham & James Woods Heather Graham & Edward Burns Heather & Adam Ant

JENNIFER GREY & MATTHEW BRODERICK (BELOW). Pic 1. Jennifer Grey & William Baldwin dated some time in the 80´s. Pic 2. Matthew Broderick & Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey played brother and sister in the Ferris-movie. They were together for a few years but broke up after being in a terrible car accident while vacationing in Ireland. Pic 3. After Matthew and Jennifer broke up Matthew made a movie with Helen Hunt and again, fell in love, with a co-star. Like everybody else. Pic 4. Sarah Jessica Parker had a long relationship with Robert Downey Jr before she married Matthew Broderick. Pic 5. After a long relationship Helen Hunt married Hank Azaria but the marriage didn´t last more than a year.

Jennifer Grey & William Baldwin jennifer-grey-celebrities-then-and-now-1-1361884979-view-1 Helen Hunt & Matthew Broderick 1Slamdance Premiere Party Helen Hunt & Hank Azaria

JOHNNY DEPP (BELOW). Pic 1. In 1983 Johnny Depp got married for the first and only time. He was 20 years old when he married 25 year old make-up artist Lori Ann. This picture is from their first anniversary. They moved to Hollywood together before they split up in 1985. Pic 2. Johnny soon dated famous Jennifer Grey who recently broke up with Matthew Broderick. They even got engaged. Pic 3. Johnny Depp & Sherilyn Fenn met when she guest-starred in 21 Jump Street. They also got engaged and also broke up shortly after. She went on to date Prince and to gain fame in Twin Peaks. Pic 4. Early in the 90´s Winona & Johnny were the hottest couple on the planet. They met on the set of Edward Scissorhands and got engaged soon after. He even got a tattoo with her name, which meant he soon had to get himself some laser treatment. This photo is from the premiere of Mermaids. Pic 5. When he got engaged to Winona he had just gained huge success with 21 Jump Street. Rumours said he had a fling behind her back, with co-star Holly Robinson. Pic 6. After he broke it of with Winona, Johnny dated Ellen Barkin in 1993. Pic 7. Depp lived with supermodel Kate Moss for five years in the 90´s. Pic 8. It was barely over between Johnny & Kate when he met French singer/actress/model Vanessa Paradis. They had two children and broke up after more then 10 years together. As always Depp didn´t stay single, he soon married young actress Amber Heard.

EXCLUSIVE: Never-before-seen pictures of movie star Johnny Depp's first and only wedding ceremony Johnny Depp & Jennifer Grey 02-depp_principalGaleriaRetrato "Mermaids" PremiereJohnny Depp & Holly Johnny Depp & Ellen Barkin 1993 Johnny Depp & Kate Moss Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis 1999

WINONA RYDER (BELOW). Pic 1. Winona Ryder & Rob Lowe did the movie Square Dance and dated for a while in 1988. This is from the Golden Globe Awards. Pic 2. Winona & Christian Slater played the leads in Heathers and dated a while. Pic 3. Winona was in love & engaged to Johnny Depp for four years. Pic 4. After they split she had a 7 year long relationship with grunge rocker David Pirner who she also got engaged to. This picture is from the premiere of Age of Innocence in 1993. Pic 5. Matt Damon & Winona Ryder at the Golden Globes. They met through Winona´s then best friend Gwyneth Paltrow who by this time was engaged to Damon´s best friend Ben Affleck. Winona & Matt were together for a couple of years. Pic 6. Winona were going steady with Jimmy Fallon in 2000. This photo is from the MTV Awards. Pic 7. Winona went on to date former actor, now interior designer Kevin Haley and did so between 2001-2002. Pic 8. Winona & guitar player Blake Sennett were a couple 2007-2008.

The 45th Annual Golden Globe Awards Winona Ryder & Christian Slater1990 NATO/ShoWest Convention "The Age of Innocence" New York City Premiere57th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals Winona Ryder & Jimmy Fallon 1Celebs at Premiere of "The Pledge" Winona Ryder & Blake Sennett 2007-2008

CHRISTIAN SLATER, PATRICIA ARQUETTE & NICOLAS CAGE (BELOW). Pic 1. Christian Slater didn´t just date Winona Ryder if that’s what you thought. He dated lots of talented actresses and at least one supermodel. And Rosie Perez. Just kidding, I love her! Pic 2. During the filming of True Romance he had a relationship with his co-star Patricia Arquette. Pic 3. In 1993 Christian Slater dated and later got engaged to supermodel Christy Turlington. She later married Edward Burns and they are amazingly still together. Pic 4. Meanwhile Rosie Perez dated Tupac Shakur. Pic 5. After Christian Slater and maybe a couple of other guys, Patricia Arquette went on to marry Nicholas Cage. Here they are at the opening of Con Air in Las Vegas, July 1997. Pic 6. Not long after the divorce Nicolas Cage got married again. This time to Elvis´ daughter Lisa Marie Presley.

Christian Slater & Rosie Perez Christian Slater & Patricia Arquette Christian Slater & Christy Turlington 1993 Rosie Perez & TupacJim Smeal MARRIAGE-CAGE-PRESLEY_458

KYLE MACLACHLAN (BELOW). Pic 1. Kyle MacLachlan & Lara Flynn Boyle met while doing Twin Peaks together. Pic 2. MacLachlan & Linda Evangelista were a couple for several years in the 1990s. Pic 3. Lara Flynn Boyle went on to date Jack Nicholson for 3 years in the late 1990´s. Pic 4. …who claims that Anjelica Huston is the love of his life. They lived together for almost 20 years, this photo is from the Academy Awards in 1975.

Kyle MacLachlan & Lara Flynn Boyle 2 Kyle MacLachlan & Linda EvangelistaLara-Flynn-Boyle-And-Jack-Nicholson 1975 Anjelica Huston

UMA THURMAN, GARY OLDMAN & ISABELLA ROSSELINI. (BELOW) Pic 1. Uma Thurman & Gary Oldman were actually married for a year or two in the early 90´s. Pic 2. Uma did a movie with Robert De Niro Mad Dog and Glory, they also dated for a while. Pic 3. Uma Thurman married again, she and Ethan Hawke were married for several years and had two children together. Pic 4. Isabella Rosselini and Martin Scorcese were married between 1979-82. Pic 5. Isabella was in a long relationship with an other director, David Lynch for many years. She starred in two of his movies, Blue Velvet and Wild at heart. Pic 6. Uma´s ex-husband Gary Oldman went on to get engaged to Isabella Rosselini in the 1990´s. This photo is from a movie premiere in 1995. It is aaaall linked!

Uma Thurman & Gary Oldman Uma Thurman & DeNiroUma Thurman & Ethan Hawke Martin Scorcese & Isabella Rossellini gifta 79-82Isabella Rosselini & David Lynch Premiere of "Panther Panchali"

LIV TYLER & REESE WITHERSPOON (BELOW). Pic 1. Leonardo DiCaprio & Claire Danes shot the movie Romeo+Julia together and dated in real life as well. This picture is from 1995. Pic 2. Liv Tyler & Leonardo DiCaprio also dated for a while. Pic 3. Liv Tyler & Joaquin Phoenix were the cutest couple, unfortunately just a few years later, she left him to marry his best friend, had a child and eventually got a divorce. Pic 4. Kirsten Dunst & Jake Gyllenhaal had a relationship that lasted almost five years. Pic 5. Reese Witherspoon & Chris O´Donnell dated when they were younger. Pic 6. Reese dated Stephen Dorff in 1999. Pic 7. Reese then married Ryan Phillippe and had two children with him before they went separate ways. Pic 8. After their divorce Reese dated Jake Gyllenhaal for a couple of years.

Claire Danes 1995 Leonardo DiCaprio & Liv Tyler Liv Tyler & Joaquin Phoenix Kirsten Dunst & Jake Gyllenhaal Reese & Chris O´Donnell Reese Witherspoon & Stephen DorffReese Witherspoon & Ryan Phillippe 2 jake-gyllenhaal-reese-witherspoon

RYAN REYNOLDS & SCARLETT JOHANSSON (BELOW). Pic 1. Alanis Morrissette was engaged to Full House comedian/actor David Coulier for several years. Pic 2. Meanwhile, in 1999 Ryan Reynolds dated Kristen Johnston. Pic 3. Then Ryan Reynolds & Alanis Morrissette met, fell in love and got engaged. It lasted for a couple of years, before Reynolds met Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively and married them instead. Pic 4. Before Reynolds married Scarlett she dated actor Patrick Wilson. Pic 5. Then she was involved with Josh Hartnett for 2 years. They met while filming Black Dahlia. Pic 6. THEN Scarlett married Ryan. The marriage lasted for about 2 years. Pic 7. After the divorce from Ryan Reynolds, Scarlett had a fling with rebound Sean Penn. Today she has a baby and is married to some French guy and Penn is lucky in love with icy Charlize Theron.

Alanis Morissette & David Coulier Ryan Reynolds & Kristen Johnston 1999 ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Scarlett & Patrick Wilson 11 1 Scarlett 4

JOSH BROLIN (BELOW). Pic 1. Jon Bon Jovi left his wife for Diane Lane in 1985. Less then a year later he was back with his wife/high school sweetheart and now the mother of his four children. I wonder if they would watch a movie with Diane Lane in it, even if it was a really good movie, a blockbuster that everybody saw and loved? Maybe. Not. Anyhoo…Jon Bon Jovi and his wife are still together, not very usual among celebrities (or the rest of the world). Pic 2. Josh Brolin was once engaged to Minnie Driver, they broke up shortly before he met Diane Lane. Pic 3. Jon Bon Jovi´s ex-flame Diane Lane then married gorgeous Josh Brolin. They got divorced not to long ago, rumours said he cheated on her. Stupid Josh Brolin.

Diane Lane 1985 Josh Brolin & Minnie Driver Diane Lane & Josh Brolin

DREW BARRYMORE (BELOW). Pic 1. Drew Barrymore had a fling with Corey Feldman 1988-1989. They were both child stars and here they are at the Academy Awards in 1989. Drew had just turned 14 years old. Pic 2. In 1991 Drew Barrymore dated David Arquette. They would later do Scream and Never been kissed together. Pic 3. Drew Barrymore was engaged to musician/actor Jamie Walters in 1991-1992. Pic 4. Drew & Corin Nemec were also in love for a while. Pic 5. Edward Norton & Drew Barrymore dated while filming Woody Allen´s Everyone says I Love you in 1995. Pic 6. Drew later dated Luke Wilson while they were filming Home Fries in 1998. Pic 7. Drew actually married Tom Green in 2001 but they separated five month later. Pic 8. Drew Barrymore & Justin Long were in a serious relationship for several years.

Drew Barrymore & Corey Feldman drew_david_91 Drew & Corin Nemec "Poison Ivy" Premiere Edward Norton & Drew Barrymore Drew Barrymore & Luke Wilson Drew & Tom-Green 1

Pic 1. Whoopi Goldberg & Ted Danson were a couple for several years. They met on a movie set like everybody else. Pic 2. Jay Z once dated Rosario Dawson. Pic 3. Steven Segal & Kelly Le Brock got married and had to children after filming together. Then he “fell for” the nanny and they got divorced.

Whoopi Goldberg & Ted Danson Rosario Dawson & Jay-ZSteven Seagal & Kelly LeBrock

MIRA SORVINO & OLIVIER MARTINEZ (BELOW). Pic 1. Quentin Tarantino & Mira Sorvino were engaged for two years in the 90´s. Pic 2. She then dated her co-star Olivier Martinez for a couple of years. Pic 3. Olivier had a fling with Angelina Jolie while they were working with the movie Taking Lives together. Pic 4. He lived with Kylie Minogue for five years. Pic 5. In 2009 Olivier dated Spanish actress Elsa Pataky. Pic 6. He also dated supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Mira Sorvino & Quentin Tarantino Olivier-Martinez-et-Mira-Sorvino-en-2002 1Olivier Martinez & Kylie Minogue EXCLUSIVE. Elsa Pataky and Olivier Martinez strolling in Paris Olivier Martinez & Rosie Huntington Whiteley

MEG RYAN & COURTNEY COX (BELOW). Pic 1. Meg Ryan was married to Dennis Quaid for many years and they have a son together. They met on a movie-set of course. Pic 2. She left husband Quaid for Russell Crowe after falling in love. What movie can be blamed this time? Proof of Life. It was okay but not great. Pic 3. Michael Keaton and Courtney Cox had a seven year long relationship in the mid 90´s. Pic 4. Courtney married David Arquette after they did Scream together. Pic 5. Courtney Cox dated her Cougar Town co-star after she and Arquette got divorced.

Meg Ryan & Dennis Quaid 2 Russell Crowe & Meg Ryan keaton_cox_95 Courtney Cox & David ArquetteCourtney Cox

ASHLEY JUDD, MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY & MICHAEL BOLTON (BELOW). Pic 1. Ashley Judd & Josh Charles dated. Pic 2. In 1996 Ashley Judd & Matthew McConaghey played husband and wife in the movie The Jury. They briefly dated off screen as well. Shortly after they broke up, McConaughey started dating Sandra Bullock who co-starred with them in the movie. Pic 3. Ashley Judd went on to date Michael Bolton and was in a serious relationship with him 1996-1997. Pic 4. McConaughey then briefly dated Janet Jackson after they met at the Grammy Awards. Pic 5. Michael Bolton who dated McConaughey´s ex Ashley Judd had earlier dated Nicollette Sheridan and Bolton now went back to her (for a couple of years). Pic 6. McConaughey went on to have a more serious relationship with Penelope Cruz after they shot the movie Sahara together.

Ashley Judd & Josh Charles Matthew McConaughey & Ashley Judd 1996 Ashley Judd & Michael Bolton Matthew McC & Janet Jackson 34 1

TYRA BANKS (BELOW). Pic 1. Tyra Banks guest-starred on Will Smith´s TV-hit Fresh Prince in Bel Air and they hit it of, on and of screen. Pic 2. Tyra Banks also dated Seal, this is in 1996. Pic 3. Seal then married Heidi Klum and had four children before they got divorced.

Tyra Banks & Will Smith Seal & Tyra Banks 1996 Seal & Heidi Klum

STEVE MARTIN, ANNE HECHE & JEFF GOLDBLUM (BELOW). Pic 1. Steve Martin with Bernadette Peters at the Academy Awards in 1981. Pic 2. Steve Martin dated Anne Heche in the 1990´s. Pic 3. Anne Heche then married Ellen De Generes. Worth mentioning that both Ellen and Steve Martin claimed Anne Heche used them to gain fame for herself. May be true/might not be true. Pic 4. Geena Davis & Jeff Goldblum were a gorgeous couple together. They were married 1987-1990 and did three movies together.

Steve Martin & Bernadette Peters 1981 Steve Martin & Anne HecheEllen DeGeneres & Anne Heche Geena Davis & Jeff Goldblum

BILLY BOB THORNTON (BELOW). Pic 1. Jeff Goldblum have had lots of pretty girls. He and his Jurassic Park co-star Laura Dern dated 1995-1997. Pic 2. Laura then got engaged to Billy Bob Thornton. She was away shooting a movie in an other state, when Billy Bob had Laura´s things moved out and… Pic 3. …Angelina Jolie moved in. They soon got married and soon they were divorced.

Jeff Goldblum & Laura Dern 95-97 The 5th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals Angelina Jolie & Billy Bob Thornton 1

EDWARD NORTON (BELOW). Pic 1. Like you´ve already seen, Edward Norton once dated Drew Barrymore. They did the movie “Everyone say I love you”. While he made “The people vs. Larry Flynt” he also fell in love with his co-star. This time it was wild child Courtney Love who was the lucky one. They were serious about the whole thing and Courtney Love later said she regret not marry him. Pic 2. He was in an other serious relationship between 1999-2003, this time with Salma Hayek. I hope no one takes this the wrong way but he definitely got her prettiest years. She was extremely beautiful! Pic 2. Norton later dated Liv Tyler.

. Edward Norton & Courtney Love Edward Norton & Salma Hayek 99-03 Edward Norton & Liv Tyler


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