I love Brooke Shields eyebrows

This post is about eyebrows and don´t ask me why. When I think about it, I think I will have to blame Brooke Shields. Her eyebrows are so cool.

Below: Brooke Shields is the winner of my kind of stupid (not really) but still funny (sort of), eyebrow-competition!

2 Image

Below, from left: First Runner Up: Lily Collins, she must have Hollywood´s fullest eyebrows. No 3; Camilla Belle. Number 4: Jennifer Connelly, no 5: Emilia Clarke, Ashley Olsen & Deborah Ann Woll (so cool with red eyebrows!).

Image Image Jennifer_Connelly-The_Day_The_Earth_Stood_Still_premiere_in_New_York_City-09_122_226lo-683x1024 ImageAshley Deborah Ann Woll

Below: Erika Eleniak from Baywatch also (like my eyebrow-idol Brooke Shields) had more of a unibrow in the 1980´s. Just like myself actually (looking at old photos is even more embarrassing then you would think, sense I never looked like Erika Elaniak or Brooke).

Image Erika Eleniak

Below: Kathy Ireland was a supermodel in the 80s and 90s (1989).

Kathy Ireland Kathy Ireland

Below: Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor had the best eyebrows ever (it´s more of an expression, Brooke still wins).

Image Image

Below: Did it really look good, even in the 1980´s, big blonde hair and dark enormous eyebrows? I don´t remember. Madonna look like a famous artist who can do what ever she wants and people will copy her anyway. Christina Applegate look like a high school girl in 1989 or so. She´s adorable if you ask me.

Image Christina

Below: Sharon Tate also had like the best brows ever!

Image 936full-sharon-tate

Below: If it hadn´t been for all the make up, Agyness Deyn and Ginnifer Goodwin could have been our eyebrow-winners.

Image Ginnifer Goodwin

Below, left: Faith Domergue´s brows looks like their growing well. Below, right: Cara Delevigne.

Image Image

Below: Alice Faye (left) and Jean Harlow (right) both had pencil sharp brows. Probably in the early 1930´s.

Image 10

Below: …and so did Priscilla Presley, here in the late 1970´s. Pamela Anderson also like them thin. Very 1992.

14 Image

Below: Chloe Grace Moretz have full eyebrows, they are probably darker than this. She have either bleached them or used make up to make them lighter (or photoshopped them!). Pic 2. Lady Gaga matches her white hair with bleached brows. Pic 3. Green works too when you are a pop-star.

Image lady-gaga-blonde-hair lady-gaga

Below: Silent movie stars Pola Negri and Vilma Banky. Sometimes I see people, usually a lot younger than me, with eyebrows like this. (It feels like a mistake but it´s probably not.)

Image Vilma Banky 1

Below: The famous unibrow – Mexican artist Frida Kahlo in 1938 and Salma Hayek portraying her in the movie Frida (1998).

Image Image

Lauren Bacall´s eyebrows had a perfect shape, I like Raquel Welch´s shape and colour as well.

Lauren Bacall 2 - Kopia Raquel Welch

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