Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst is a good actress, she takes risks, seem to have a mind of her own and an eye for fashion. She got style and she doesn´t care what other people think about her fashion choices. I like her a lot! Best movie; hmm have to think about that one, she was great in Interview with a vampire and Mary Antoinette was beautiful. Worst; I didn´t love Bring it on, put otherwise I really like most of them. I haven´t seen The Virgin Diaries, but I hope I can watch it soon.

"Crazy Beautiful" Premiere Kirsten & Garett

Kirsten with her boyfriend, actor Garrett Hedlund (above).

Image Image Image Image Image 89 may2011 Image kirsten-dunst-and-christian-lacroix-gallery Best female actress Cannes Chanel Couture Melancholia81 Cannes 84 Alfombra-rojaCannes2011 ImageImage Image ImageImage Image kirsten-dunst-g_2078903a

Kirsten love blue.

kirsten-dunst-m 69560_kirsten_dunst_bulgari_02_perfume_122_394lo1 223

tumblr_n5307akVTC1so5joko1_500 1994Bring it on dunst

Above; Pic 1. Marie Antoinette. Pic 2. Interview with a vampire. Pic 3. Bring it on. Pic 4. Spiderman.


Kirsten Dunst & Garrett Hedlund Kirsten+Dunst+Kirsten+Dunst+Garrett+Hedlund+VOh5p0Ukei_l chanel-patent-leather-cap-toe-cc-logo-heels-gallery

Kirsten Dunst is 32 years old. She dated Jake Gyllenhaal for several years in her 20s. Since a couple of years she is in a relationship with Garrett Hedlund. Below, from left: A break from filming Marie Antoinette, in a silver dress and girlie hair-do & with Brad Pitt at a press conference for Interview with a vampire in 1994.

Kirsten Dunst kirsten_dunst_vit_silver_klann 1994-at-press-conference-for-film









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