Silent Stars

They are long gone, but they are not forgotten. They are not really gone but maybe they are forgotten? Being a movie star was different in the silent era. There were no paparazzis so there were no gossip magazines, at the most, a gossip column in the local newspaper. There were no television, which meant no reality shows, gossip news or talk shows. All together, movie stars could be very private when they wanted to be. If you wanted to see them, you had to go to the movies. These pictures are some of my favourites, I will update them a couple of times until I get it “right”. I will start with actresses from the “oldest” part of the silent era. Mary Pickford comes first, she was the first movie star and by her marriage to Douglas Fairbanks, one half of the first Hollywood it-couple (think Brad and Angelina). Last but not least in my gallery, is Jean Harlow. She started filming in the end of the silent era but became famous for her work in sound pictures. Partly because of her froglike voice who was perfect for comedies.

I have to point out that I´m not an expert, just someone that love old movies and old pictures. Like always, I focus on actresses not actors but there might show up some male stars as well. Take time to click on the pictures, I recommend this, they are simply amazing!

The site have some of the most amazing pictures. You can read about these women and every other actress that ever starred in a Hollywood movie, at


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