10 Movie Costumes

Tuesday and that means 10 favourite movie costumes! My no 1 this week is the black and white picture with Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire (no 3). I love that incredibly timeless dress.


Julia Roberts in Charlie Wilson´s war (2007).


Raquel Welch in a truly iconic outfit in One million years BC (1966). This picture was sold as a poster, and it eventually became the most popular poster that decade.

Swing Time 1

Ginger Rogers with Fred Astaire in Swing Time?


Kelly LeBrock in a The woman in red (1984).


Gong Li and Yun-Fat Chow in Curse of the golden flower (2006).


Oliwia Dabrowska in Schindler´s list (1993).

Femte Elementet 4

Milla Jovovich in Gaultier´s design in The fifth element (1997).


Glenn Close in Dangerous Liaisons (1988).


Rita Moreno won an academy award for West Side Story (1961).

L3 Annie Hall

Diane Keaton with Woody Allen in Annie Hall (1977).


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