Black and White photography

I haven´t posted anything in almost a week, instead I have been busy updating older posts. But here is a new one, with wonderful black and white photography. The American photographer George Hurrell 1904-1992 worked with everybody that was somebody. He created the glamorous black and white picture that is significant to old Hollywood. He worked with Greta Garbo, Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant, and later Harrison Ford, Sharon Stone and Sherilyn Fenn.

Image Image Image

Brooke Shields, 1981, Veronica Lake & Marlon Brando. It is difficult to guess which picture is oldest and which picture is the newest one.

 Image Image Anna-May-Wong-by-Hurrell-1938

Jean Harlow, 1934, Chevy Chase, circa 1980 & Anna May Wong, 1937 (above).

Image Image Humphrey Bogart

Bette Davis, 1939, Sharon Stone, 1992. Sharon was the last star to be photographed by Hurrell.

Below: Jean Harlow, probably in the mid 1930s.

Jean Harlow

Betty-Grable-by-Hurrell-1937 Aretha Franklin

Betty Grable & Aretha Franklin (above).


Carole Lombard, 1935 & Sherilyn Fenn, 1992 (above).

rita hayworth Corinne Calvet 1948

Rita Hayworth & Corinne Calvet, 1948 (above).

Harrison-Ford-1984-by-Hurrell george-hurrell-06 Julian Sands

Harrison Ford, 1984, Douglas Fairbanks Jr & Julian Sands (above).

Gary_Cooper_1937.tif diana_verso_sm Garbo.tif

Gary Cooper, 1937, Diana Ross & Greta Garbo (above).


Johnny Weissmuller, 1932 (above).

Clark Gable Harrison-Ford-by-George-Hurrell

Clark Gable & Harrison Ford, 1984 (above).

Natalie Cole 2 kathleen-turner-michael-dou

Hurrell photographed the record-cover for Natalie Cole´s album Unforgettable in 1991. Second pic; Kathleen Turner & Michael Douglas (above).

Marlene Bette Midler

katharineHepburnbyhurrell Shirley Temple

Marlene Dietrich, Bette Midler, Katharine Hepburn & Shirley Temple.

Jean Joan Crawford 1931 - Kopia

Jean Harlow in the 1930s & Hurrell´s muse, Joan Crawford, 1931 (above).


Photographer George Hurrell himself (above).

Carole Lombard Carole Lobard 2


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